Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello again, my readers, and thanks for checking in on me.

So today was my first day of babysitting, and the little girl I am watching is adorable.  She's a happy child, but deep down, I can sense that she can throw one heck of a temper tantrum.  We spent the day watching Disney movies, playing with Tinkerbell puzzles, and coloring.  Fun.  It really was, and it provided me with time to think, and that time to think became productive.

So, it all began when I was looking at the blog, Musings of a Wild Spirit.  They  mentioned creating a chart during the editing process, to keep track of reoccurring themes and other stuff.  Well, they are just now finished up their novel;  I'm just now starting.  It made me wonder if I could take my own chart, modify it, and keep track of important things about my characters.  For example, I have an eight column table with these labels across the top:  Name/Age, Gender, Appearance, Personality (in few words), Family, Are they taking place in the races?/Which mount and element?, Common Theme, and Other.  As of right now, I'm keeping track of character information.  Later, I'll work on one for the unicorns, and then perhaps another for culture information.

On a further front, I'm working on an excerpt for my readers.  It's going to be posted later, when I finish working on it.

Well, that's about it for now.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  If you are one of my followers from booksie, don't forget to stop by and check out my challenge, Legends Are Lessons.  You don't have to enter if you don't want to, but I'd like it if you'd at least give me your thoughts and perhaps spread the word.

Thanks a ton.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Greetings everyone, and thanks for stopping on by to see what I've been up to.

For those of you who are my faithful followers from, welcome.  I'm still getting used to this, so never mind me and my mistakes.

Alright, so things have been a thunderstorm of chaos lately.  We (my mom, two sisters, and I) just moved.  Granted, it was a town or two over, but that's not really the point.  What made us move?  Well...  let's just say my used-to-be step dad and my sixteen-year-old sister didn't get along, and it got a tad physical.  We just got all of our stuff out of the old house, so now all we have to do is unpack.  Fun.

Also, we found out a couple weeks ago that my great-grandfather has 3-5 months to live.  He had pancreatic cancer, and they were doing Chemo.  Well, they thought it was gone, but it wasn't.  About two or three weeks ago, my mother found my pawpaw bent over in the hallway, in pain.  They rushed him to the hospital, and two days later, we found out that the cancer had spread to his liver and his lungs.  Not good, of course.  And on top of that, his wife, my great-grandmother, is wheel chair bound from strokes.  As you can see, we are all just waiting for the worse, as they cannot do more chemo.  It'll do no good, and once one [grandparent] goes, the other will not be far behind.

I just took a babysitting job yesterday as well.  It's a two year old, and she is the cutest thing ever, but man can she throw a temper tantrum.  I start tomorrow [Monday].

So, some may know, and some may not know, but I'm in the U.S. Air Force, though I'm currently waiting to go to BMT.  I believe my recruiter and I have agreed to push back my job drop date, so that I may stay here for my family until my grandfather passes.

On the novel front, I'm currently working on the second chapter of The Phantom Races.  I'm not sure yet if it will be a series or not, I guess I shall just roll with it.

Well, stay tuned, cause more information is in store.  Thanks for reading, and I'll update everyone soon.

Dixie Carnley,
aka, Silver Storm